Snappy, the Glenville Gator, takes a bite out of social media as he heads back to school

GREENWICH — The title of a popular children’s book by Elise Parsley advises, “If You Ever Want to Bring an Alligator to School, Don’t!” But Glenville School ignored that warning as they invited their mascot, Snappy, to enjoy a full day at school.

On Tuesday, Snappy took over the Twitter account for the Greenwich Public Schools, even renaming it @GPSdistrict as “Greenwich Public Schools for Gators.” It proclaimed the takeover was all about “making learning personal for gators at Glenville School” and “driving gator academic personal and interpersonal growth.”

Throughout the day, Snappy tweeted out photos of himself, with the special hashtag #SnappyTakeOver, as he journeyed throughout Glenville School. He moaned that his short arms made it difficult for the teacher to see him raising his hand; headed to the lunch room — “It’s not easy to feed a growing alligator;” went down the slide — “my favorite” — on the playground; and shared a hug with school custodian Luis Alarcon for the recent National Custodian Day.

He even visited the school nurse due to his “exhausting” day, but Snappy assured his 1,400 followers that he was fine. In keeping with district policy, Snappy wore his mask throughout the day.

The whole endeavor was the brainchild of Glenville School Principal Klara Monaco and Jonathan Supranowitz, director of communications for Greenwich Public Schools.

“Social media, when done responsibly, is a great way to communicate to our entire GPS community,” Supranowitz said Tuesday. “We thought we would give a fun, behind-the-scenes look at a day-in-the-life of Glenville students and staff.”

And he was quick to praise Snappy, the alligator, who is well known at the school and across the district. The mascot is often found at Glenville on special occasions, such as on the first day of school to welcome parents and students.

“Glenville’s mascot, Snappy, is an amazing ambassador to education in our district and has true superstar status at the school,” Supranowitz said. “Snappy shows us that school can be hard work, but can also be fun.”

Monaco could not be reached for comment about Snappy’s big day, but she played an important role in the event — taking the photos that were posted to the Twitter account.

Supranowitz declared the special day a success and said he had received positive feedback from the account’s followers.

“We hope to have additional Twitter Tuesdays in the future,” he said.

At the end of the school day, Snappy posted one last photo, with his backpack on and waving goodbye as he headed home to put down his phone and start his homework. That photo included a familiar message: “See ya’ later, alligator!”