Snow is coming down, covering roads

As of 10:15 p.m. on Sunday, light but consistent snow is coming down in Shelton. The snow began about 7 p.m.

So far slightly more than one inch has fallen, with up to two inches possible by the time the snow should stop around 1 a.m.

It is 21 degrees outside, with an overnight low of 17 expected, according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

Snow is covering local road surfaces and vehicles are traveling slightly slower than normal due to the conditions. On Route 8 through Shelton, some asphalt is visible and most vehicles are traveling from 40 mph to 50 mph.

Next two days are sunny and cold

Monday should be sunny with a high of 28 degrees in Shelton, and a nighttime low of 11 degrees, the NWS said.

Tuesday should be sunny and slightly colder in Shelton, with a daytime high of 23 and overnight low of 6, according to the NWS. Then temperatures will begin to warm up a bit as the week progresses.

Snow is possible in the region next from Thursday night to Friday night.