SHELTON — The farmers market is going public again.

Market administrator Meg Hyndman said the Shelton Farmers Market, which had been operating on an online-order-and-pickup basis this month, will open for public shopping July 4. The market will run from 9 a.m. to noon.

The online market has been closed as organizers prepare for the Independence Day opening downtown.

Hyndman said every patron must wear a mask, practice social distancing, be mindful of people waiting in line, and follow the one way in-and-out shopping line. There is no congregating or socializing inside the market, and people are asked to sanitize before entering.

“We were optimistic that eventually things would calm down around this time, and we would be able to open the market in some capacity downtown to the public,” Hyndman said. “Thankfully that came to fruition as our state’s COVID numbers have significantly dropped.”

Hyndman said market organizers know that the positive case numbers will only stay low “if we continue to follow a strict safety protocol, so we hope customers understand that we are doing our best to continue to be safe while also allowing our market to resume as normally as possible.”

Procedures for customers will be to wear a mask upon entry, sanitize hands if possible at the entry table, keep a distance of 6 feet from all vendors and other customers, bring small bills to reduce the amount of money being handled, not congregate and be mindful of other customers waiting in line to get to the vendors.

“We also ask that you don’t touch items on vendors tables,” Hyndman said. “We will be distancing the customers from the vendors and their tables to help keep everyone as safe as possible. Vendors can easily bag any items for the customers. Customers should be sure to properly disinfect any items they’ve purchased once they return home.”

The vendors at this season’s market are East Village Farm, Laurel Glen Farm, Vics Guac Shop, Oronoque Farms, Liquid Lunch, Sugar and Spice Bakery, Charlies Chaga, Three Bridges Coffeehouse, Granfield Fisheries and Gathered Harvest Granola.

Hyndman said the online market worked well for the time it was open.

“We had wonderful feedback from customers who were happy to at least be able to shop in some capacity, and we all very much appreciate the community’s support during that time,” Hyndman said. “We’re so happy we are able to offer our full market now.”