Soffermans helping feed the hungry

Dr. Bruce Sofferman, owner of Shelton-based Smile Dental Center, netted quite a haul of donated turkeys and other food stuffs for Spooner House last week. But the collections continue as the Sofferman family looks to keep the food drive for those in need going this holiday season.

The Soffermans - Bruce, with wife, Deborah; daughter, Sophia, and one enthusiastic turkey (Branden Carey) — dressed in traditional Thanksgiving garb Wednesday, Nov. 20, and stood outside 1000 Bridgeport Avenue - home of the dental office - collecting donated food.

While that one day, and a holiday party held by the Soffermans the previous night, brought some 40 donated turkeys and bags and boxes filled with other donated items, Sophia said the collection will continue, with a drop box outside the dental office through the end of the year.

This is the 32nd year the Soffermans have held this Thanksgiving food drive.

“My parents started this to raise awareness, to remind people to help those less fortunate this Thanksgiving season,” said Sophia, who was in a stroller when her parents began the collection drive more than three decades ago.

As through the years, people driving past the office building will see the family waving to passersby.

“This helps hundreds of families every year,” said Sophia. “We are so happy to bring the donations to the Spooner House. It is such a great cause. Our hope is that this also raises awareness about the good works of the Spooner House.”

The Spooner House, located at 30 Todd Road, Shelton, is operated by Area Congregations Together, Inc., with the mission of providing food, shelter and support services to people in need and helping its clients establish a self-sufficient living situation.