State Rep. McGorty endorses Perillo

Since 2007 the Shelton community has benefitted from the strong leadership and dedication of Jason Perillo.  Jason has served in the Connecticut House of Representatives with distinction and honor, always leading the way against the continual efforts of majority Democrats, and now Governor Malloy, to raise our taxes and cripple our economy.

From my vantage point of the seat right next to Jason in the House, I have seen him challenge the path Governor Malloy has taken our state down, always fighting for Shelton, and the constituents he serves.

There is no question that without Jason in the legislature, the elected voices against Governor Malloy will be weaker, and our ability to stand up for Shelton and our state will be greatly diminished.

I enthusiastically endorse Representative Jason Perillo for another term in the House of Representatives.  Jason has stood up for us over the past nine years, and now it's time for us to stand up for him. I urge all my fellow Republicans will join me in supporting him in the Republican primary on August 9.