State reimbursements could put $4M in Shelton coffers

Photo of Brian Gioiele
Exterior view of the Board of Education offices in Shelton, Conn. Nov. 5, 2020.

Exterior view of the Board of Education offices in Shelton, Conn. Nov. 5, 2020.

Ned Gerard / Hearst Connecticut Media

SHELTON — The city’s general fund could soon be about $4 million richer.

Superintendent Ken Saranich told the Board of Education at its virtual meeting Wednesday that he would be submitting the closeout paperwork for state reimbursement on four completed school construction projects, one of which was finished in 2011.

The figures are based on the state reimbursing an estimated 40 percent of the project costs.

The largest estimated return will come from the $23.4 million Shelton High School renovation finished in 2011. The renovation included upgrades to the locker rooms and library, as well as science labs on the fourth floor. The return is estimated at $3,263,526. The city has already received $5.8 million of the overall anticipated $9.1 million reimbursement.

The other projects are the Sunnyside School roof, done in 2019 for $1.2 million, with an estimated reimbursement of $335,815; the high school sprinkler system, finished in 2018 at $1.2 million, with an estimated return of $480,000; and the Elizabeth Shelton School windows, finished in 2019 at just more than $1 million, with $213,292 coming back to the city.

BOE Vice Chair James Orazietti praised the work of Saranich and Belden in preparing the paperwork to close out these projects and help the city receive its reimbursements. Orazietti, who touted this as one of his main goals when elected in November 2019, said he hopes to see some state payments by summer.

The city has already received state reimbursements of $149,985 for the Sunnyside School roof and $429,536 for the Elizabeth Shelton School windows. Filing the closeout paperwork allows the city to recoup the remaining reimbursements.

While the projects were done at school buildings, the city covered the costs, said school Finance Director Rick Belden, so all reimbursements are paid to the city.