Student named to state advisory council

Shelton resident and St. Joseph High School senior Sophia Ronga was nominated to the 2013-14 Student State Advisory Council on Education. She is one of a handful of students across the state who successfully completed a lengthy application process and who subsequently were offered a place.

The council gives Connecticut students a voice in education planning and enables the state board of education, the commissioner of education, state department of education personnel, the governor and state legislators to become familiar with high school students’ perspectives on key issues.

As a council member, Sophia will meet throughout the academic year with the commissioner of education, and on occasion with the governor, to reflect student opinion in areas of concern in the high schools.

“I am excited to be working with the committee for the improvement of education in Connecticut,” said Sophia. “I am prepared to speak on behalf of my peers to give the state officials a better perspective on how their decisions affect students.”