Submit greenways to be designated by the state

Nominations for official state greenway designations are being sought by the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) and the Connecticut Greenways Council.

Greenways are an integral part of any community, offering recreational opportunities, providing alternate transportation options, helping to preserve the environment, and supporting economic development.

According to state officials, greenways can make a community a more attractive place to live by connecting living spaces with the environment, and they preserve history and cultivate town pride.

Officials said the number of greenways have been on the increase, providing safe, walkable paths and other recreational opportunities for people of all ages while helping to protect natural resources.

“Found in both urban and rural settings, greenways can be short connectors from one place to another or be ambitious long distance trails such as the East Coast Greenway,” said DEEP Commissioner Robert Klee.

Designation and grants

An official designation by the Greenways Council recognizes a greenway as an open space that not only meets the definition of a greenway, but also enhances the community and is supported by local government initiatives.

Designated greenways, both for recreation and resource protection, will be listed in a subsequent revision of the state Plan of Conservation and Development and may receive increased consideration for a variety of grants.

There are currently 74 designated greenways in Connecticut, including in Shelton.

Submit application by May 4

The Greenways Council will evaluate all nominated greenways for consistency with designation criteria.  Those selected for designation will be announced by the Greenways Council in conjunction with their National Trails Day event in June.

The deadline for submission of nominations is May 4. The preferred method for submission of completed nomination forms is by email to, and digital photos and maps are preferred (digital photos of hard copy maps are acceptable).

Nominations may also be submitted on CD or other electronic storage device and can be mailed to Tenia Seay, CT DEEP, 79 Elm St., Hartford, CT 06106-5127.

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