Support staff available Friday to help students at Shelton High

Support staff will be available again Friday at Shelton High School (SHS) to help students, faculty and others deal with the death today of sophomore Kristjan Ndoj.

The 15-year-old died Thursday morning in the hospital from gun shot wounds suffered Saturday night in Shelton. The shooting incident remains under police investigation.

Beth Smith, SHS headmaster, said late Thursday afternoon that she had been informed of Kristjan Ndoj’s death earlier in the day by the police.

Smith said she then told school staff and students of the teenager’s death in the early afternoon.

‘A very emotional time for us’

“Our entire school community is deeply saddened,” said Smith, speaking at a press conference outside the high school with other education officials, police representatives and a Ndoj family spokesman.

She described the situation as being “a very emotional time for us.”

Smith said the necessary resources will be made available through crisis teams to support and comfort students and other members of the school community.

“My focus today and in the days ahead is for the safety of the students,” she said.

No threats involving the school

Police officials and Smith have emphasized that there is no threat involving the high school.

During her comments, Smith specifically referred to the crime as “a community incident,” an apparent reference to the fact that it didn’t take place on the school campus.

The shooting occurred at about 8:45 p.m. on Saturday in a driveway on Agawam Trail, a road in Shelton’s Pine Rock neighborhood. The location of the crime is not near any school.

A focus on students

Shelton School Supt. Freeman described the situation as “obviously a somber time” in the education community and the Shelton community at large.

Burr thanked SHS administrators for how they have handled the difficult situation, focusing on the needs of students at the school. “We will continue to support our students,” he said.