A gas station and convenience store on Bridgeport Avenue near downtown Shelton should reopen in about two weeks.

The Shell facility at 99 Bridgeport Ave. is having new underground gas storage tanks installed, owner Bruce Butler said on Wednesday. The work should take about three weeks to complete, and started about a week ago.

While the work is being done on the underground tanks, Butler said it was an opportune time to do some renovation work on the convenience store.

He said the small size of the parking area on the northern side of the establishment meant it made sense to close both the gas station and convenience store during the construction activity.

The southern part of the complex remains open, where a few other businesses are located, including Ari’s Luncheon (serving breakfast and lunch items).

Butler owns and operates the gas station and convenience store, which are open 24 hours, seven days a week.

Storage tanks were 30 years old

About 24,000 gallons of underground gas storage will be put in, Butler said. The existing tanks were 30 years old and that is when they must be replaced based on state law in Connecticut. It’s also when the manufacturer’s warranty runs out.

Butler said some other states allow for the underground fuel storage tanks to be used longer if they pass an inspection.

Improvements to the convenience store will include a new floor, shelving adjustments, and the introduction of new products, Butler said.