THIS WEEKEND: Shelton High grad’s play opens in New York City

A 1992 Shelton High School graduate’s theater company will open the production of a play this weekend in New York City.

Playwright Matt Opatrny is co-founder of the Blessed Unrest troupe, which will present the world premiere of "Lying" from Oct. 9 to Nov. 3 at the Interart Theatre, 500 West 52 St., in Manhattan.

Opatrny adapted the play for the stage from the metaphorical memoir by Lauren Slater (author of "Prozac Diar"y and "Opening Skinner’s Box").

The play questions the reliability of memoir by exploring the slippery nature of memory and the trickiness of the mind in perceiving reality, according to publicity material.

Opatrny, who now lives in Manhattan, also is an actor. He has performed in New York, Georgia, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Pennsylvania and Vermont.

The New York Times has described Blessed Unrest’s work as “inspired and inventive.” Learn more about the play and the theater group at