TOP SALARIES: Former school official was Shelton's highest wage-earner in 2014

The highest paid government employee in the city of Shelton in 2014 was the Board of Education’s outgoing finance director, Allan Cameron.

Cameron was paid $194,667 in calendar year 2014. He retired from the position at the end of June after more than 18 years on the job.

Cameron’s income was boosted by post-employment earnings such as unused vacation and sick time payments, and by consulting work he did in the weeks after his retirement to help guide his successor.
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Cameron’s actual salary for fiscal year 2013-14 was $147,830. Municipal fiscal years run from July 1 to the following June 30.

Outside income for police officers

On the municipal side of government, the highest paid worker was police Sgt. Michael Lawrence, who took home $171,274.

Police department members can earn extra income through private duty work for utility, construction and special event projects. The city is reimbursed by outside companies for the private duty, and also makes money through a slight surcharge for such work.

Last year, 19 of the top 20 wage-earners on the municipal side were police officers. The only non-police representative to make the list was Mayor Mark Lauretti.

Lauretti was paid $121,723 last year. Lauretti’s current 2014-15 salary is $110,200 (he receives some taxable benefits in addition to his salary).

After the November election, the mayoral salary will increase in annual steps over the next three years to $135,200, based on recent action by the Board of Aldermen.

Police union contract settled

Police department members’ earnings were helped by the settlement of a union contract, which included retroactive pay going back more than two years because of how long the contract had been outstanding.

The contract also increased how much they are paid per hour for private, outside jobs.

In 2014, there was considerable outside work for officers involving tree clearing along roadways due to a new state law allowing electric companies to create a larger buffer zone near power lines.

The city’s police chief, Joel Hurliman, did not make the Top Twenty list on the municipal side this year. He was the 23rd highest earner, at $117,282. Hurliman does not get paid overtime.

During the previous year, in 2013, Hurliman had been the eighth highest paid city worker and Lauretti had been the fourth highest earner.

On the BOE side, most of the top earners were districtwide administrators, school principals or Shelton High housemasters. One facilities supervisor and one IT specialist also made the BOE’s Top Twenty list.

Based on reported income

The earnings charts are based on income as reported to the government, according to information provided to the Shelton Herald by the city finance director and BOE finance director.

In some cases, people’s salaries may be higher but some of that income is not considered taxable for various reasons. With a few BOE administrators, this includes annual annuities they receive as part of their salaries.
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In other cases, people may receive more money than their salaries due to other taxable benefits, such as the use of a government car, a vehicle allowance, government-paid overtime, or outside private duty work.

On the BOE side, both School Supt. Freeman Burr and Assistant Superintendent Lorraine Rossner have salaries higher than their reported taxable incomes.

Burr’s taxable income was $139,628 last year, as reported by the BOE, but his current 2014-15 salary is $173,000.

Rossner’s taxable income was $129,449, but her current salary is $153,110.