TUESDAY: New bear sightings reported in Shelton

TUESDAY 10 P.M. BEAR UPDATE (click below):
There are new reports of a bear being spotted Monday night in Shelton on Daybreak Lane, which is off Old Stratford Road close to the Stratford border, and on Tuesday early morning on Adams Drive, which is in Huntington near Isinglass and Waverly roads.

On Daybreak Lane, the bear reportedly was pushing around trash cans at about 7:30 p.m. on May 4. Daybreak Lane is a dead-end road between Route 8 and Armstrong Road, accessed by Old Stratford Road.

This location is near the last sightings of the bear on Thursday, April 30, in the vicinity of Old Stratford Road, Bridgeport Avenue, Long Hill Cross Road and Mill Street.

It would also indicate the bear was able to get east of the Route 8 highway, likely via Old Stratford Road.

Tuesday morning in Huntington

The other reported sighting was made on the morning of Tuesday, May 5 on Adams Drive. Someone reportedly saw the black bear at about 5:15 a.m. and contacted police about an hour later.

Police responded to the scene but were unable to locate the bear at that time.
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Click below to see a photo taken of the bear on Wesley Drive in Shelton on April 30:
This location is a distance away from the other more recent sightings, but does have lots of forested areas that do connect to the lower Bridgeport Avenue area.

There may have been another sighting on Tuesday morning close to the Isinglass Reservoir (also known as the Far Mill Reservoir), which is in the same general vicinity as Adams Drive. This small reservoir is close to Far Mill Street.

Click below to view a map of reported bear sightings by the Shelton Conservation Commission: