TUESDAY SHELTON TRAFFIC ALERT: Backup on Route 8 north appears to be improving

UPDATE 7 P.M.; The traffic delays appear to be improving, based on vehicle flow on Route 8 north near Exit 11 (Bridgeport Avenue/Huntington Road) as well as on Bridgeport Avenue northbound in the same vicinity.

As of 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Route 8 northbound is extremely slow going into Shelton. Vehicles appear to be backed up all the way from at least the Merritt Parkway interchange to downtown Shelton.

The heavy traffic on the highway is causing many drivers to get off at local exits in Shelton and try to make their way north on Bridgeport Avenue, but many other drivers have the same idea., leading to local delays

If possible, it might be best to avoid Route 8 north at this time.