Temperatures to plummet in Shelton tonight (FYI, it was -14 in Minneapolis today)

Enjoy the nice temperatures today because it may not get above freezing again in Shelton until Friday.

The high should be 38 today in Shelton but there’s a chance for rain or light snow this afternoon, according to the National Weather Service (NWS). Then the temperatures will plummet, with a low of 10 degrees tonight in Shelton.

No major precipitation is expected during the work week after today. And luckily for the area, it will be cloudy on many nights, keeping the temperatures from dropping below zero, and sunny on many days, helping temperatures to rise.

It’s now -14 in Minneapolis

Some other parts of the country aren’t as lucky, with temperatures well below zero in the upper Midwest (the air temperatures in Minneapolis as of right now is -14) and temperatures expected to dip below freezing in many parts of the South (they are expecting snow in Raleigh, N.C. on Tuesday and Wednesday, with nighttime lows in the teens).

This week’s temps in Shelton

Here are the NWS-predicted highs and lows for Shelton for the rest of the week:

Monday night — 10 degrees (low)

Tuesday — 18 degrees (high) and sunny

Tuesday night — 9 degrees (low) and mostly cloudy

Wednesday — 21 degrees (high) and mostly sunny

Wednesday night — 11 degrees (low) and mostly clear

Thursday — 28 degrees (high) and mostly sunny

Thursday night — 20 degrees (low) and mostly cloudy

Friday — 33 (high) and partly sunny