Three Shelton commercial buildings sell, one for $2M, one for $1.75M, another for $7.1M, in June

The following property transfers were reported in the office of the Shelton Town Clerk in June.

The following property transfers were reported in the office of the Shelton Town Clerk in June.

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The following property transfers were recorded in the city clerk’s office in June.

15 Big Horn Road, Kelly L. Pereira and Mark M. Pereira to Simone L. Lepomme and Joshua H. Lent, $585,000.

Lots 10, 11 and 12 Belmont Plan, Cathleen Dickovick to Kristal Cupole, $276,500.

38 Rosedale Circle, Sean Staron and Dana Staron to Rainer Rothacker and Francine Darsa, $725,000.

22 Heather Ridge, Ernesta Dzwonchyk and Kevin Dzwonchyk to Alberto A. D’Amato and Gerardina D’Amato, $180,000.

43 Ridgewood Court, Unit 43, Demetra Louloudis to Andrea May Garmun, $315,000.

119 Rocky Rest Road, Robert A. Johnson, Jr., to Cale Lasalata, $425,000.

19 Hidden Pond Lane, Edmund Dejesus to Bradley C. Little and Melissa S. Little, $825,000.

36 Nells Rock Road, Gregory Hayden and Douglas Hayden to JDPD, LLC, $281,500.

Unit 168 Hawk’s Ridge, Hawk’s Ridge of Shelton LLC to Peter Panthauer and Judith Gilbert, $548,587.

464 Ironwood Trail, Lynn Carol Traussi to Jose Manuel Nunes and Maria F. Nunes, $450,000.

11 Olin Court, Sonia A. Hollies to Keven O’Brien and Brittany O’Brien, $525,000.

43 Rivendell Drive, David W. Powers to Melissa Ann Berube, $284,500.

56 Little Fox Run, Gregory M. Princle and Anne M. Princle to Sandesh Borse, $725,000.

1 Rosa Lane, Jonathan Amio to Thomas Drabek and Gerda Drabek, $770,000.

30 Controls Drive, Seaside Enterprises, LLC, to Antonio n Posca and Concetta Posca, $1,675,000.

45 Crescent St., True You Design and Development LLC to Arnoldo Santana and Carolyn Santana, $384,000.

27 Fanny St., George A. Areson adm. and Matthew J. Areson estate to Maria M. Turechek, $342,000.

Lot 3 Maple Grove, William Andrew White and Amanda White Hutchins to Jahira Negron, $505,000.

308 Birmingham, Wakako Y. Banks and Ian F. Banks to Carla Williams, $221,500.

145 Canal St. Unit 304, Nicolette Rooney to Ryan Scanlon, $165,000.

323 Buddington Road, Fuad Cecunjanin and Elzana Cecunjanin to Kadrija Cecunjanin, $300,000.

22 Sportsman Drive, Adele C. Kozak to Edward H. Kozak, Jr., and Sharna R. Kozak, $250,000.

30 Capitol Drive, Rachel Lynn Sando to Jack Messina and Amanda Beam, $390,000.

11 Pambar Drive, Juan P. Constante and Toni N. Constante to Joseph C. Lorusso and Brandi LoRusso, $440,000.

145 Canal St. Unit 213, Allison Buckley and Michael Buckley to Natalie Devine, $210,000.

40 Trolley Bridge Road, Michael J. Walenczyk to Nitesha McHugh, $283,000.

121 New St., Anthony Giaimo to Estefania G. Castillo-Armas, $404,000.

10 Surrey Drive, David S. Foster to Philip Lage, $374,900.

22 Buttercup Lane, Robert J. Balcerzak, Jr., and Anna W. Balcerzak to Sean Roland and Leeann Deloma, $427,500.

Huntington Avenue, Kurt Gerlder to Carl Jarrett and Triston Jarrett, $305,000.

39 Ballaro Drive, Neil R. Forbes and Marilyn M. Forbes to Christopher Raymond Vickers and Nicole Kathleen Vickers, $520,000.

136-138 Prospect Ave., Timothy Brickett (exec) and Mary Ann Brickett (estate) to Dule Reci and Etleva Reci, $349,900.

3 Gristmill Lane, R. Jeffrey Einig and Susan Einig to Scott Warden and Grace May-Warden, $560,000.

76 Adams Drive, Jose Augusto Cruz and Maria Albina Cruz to Jessica Barszcz and Jonathan Barszcz, $533,000.

5 Fort Hill Ave., Carolyn A. Karpenko and Ronald D. Karpenko to John J. Albino, $342,039.

48 Fox Hunt Road, Jeffery Smrek to Susan Addarich and Ruben Addarich, $760,000.

27 Broc Terrace, Alvaro O. Gordon and Marjorie L. Gordon to Guerline Noel Lalanne and Jean R. Horest, $375,000.

560 River Road Unit 1, James Finelli and Elizabeth Finelli to Paul J. D’Ostilio and Janet Barillari, $640,000.

73 Cedarcrest Court, William J. Rutkauskas to Hazrat Ali, $325,000.

153 North Oak Ave., Justin Conte to Christian Mendoza and Yehonathan Yefet, $285,000.

2 Ivy Brook Road, Dekzon, LLC, to Amre Shelton, LLC, $7,150,000.

400 Woodridge Circle, Gertrude G. Moran to Blair Clauss and Carol Clauss, $432,000.

150 Okenuck Way, Dennis Jordan and Laura Jordan to Nikolinka R. Marcheva and Thomas H. Wilkeson, $530,000.

26 Westminster Ave., Francesco D’Angelo and Stacey Lynn D’Angelo to Valdimir Otone DeOliveira and Sonia Oliveira, $340,000.

24 Hunters Ridge Road, John E. Gates and Megan P. Gates to Carrie Krajcik and Sean Neves, $475,000.

26 Country Place, Frank C. Maffei to Beth A. Voight-Jause, $290,000.

Unit 12 Rivendell, Laurie A. Mastrone to Jeffrey R. Norko, $301,000.

353 River Road, 353 River LLC to Joseph Marsala and Gill Debrun, $135,000.

38 Ashwood Circle, Bruce Reardon and Nancy Reardon to Meghan Jane Reardon, $405,000.

27 Golec Ave., Susan Debreceni to Jose Carlos Ferreira DePaula and Luiza L. Sabara, $240,000.

127 Coram Road, Gabor Datz to John Schulz, $399,900.

444 Walnut Tree Hill Road, Rozanne Babian to Edward R. Gonzalez and Maricruz A. Pichardo, $402,000.

7 Ojibwa Road, Eugene A. Bouvier to Kaitlyn Firman and Ryan Firman, $580,000.

4 Pam Bar Road, Agnes J. Orlowski (cons) and Theresa A. Ushock (estate) to Monika Kurpinowicz and Piotr Kurpinowicz, $374,000.

45 Little Fawn Drive, Robert S. Handley and Heather Handley to Taavon Akeem Baker and Erica M. Baker, $364,000.

212 Sunwood Drive, 212 Sunwood Drive LLC to Alayna Badeau and Denzel Moscova, $250,000.

190 Leavenworth Drive, Beverly B. Tate (trust) to Lilyrosed LLC, $270,000.

46 Congress Drive, Karen A. Cassetti to Eric Coleman and Kara Coleman, $275,000.

241 Long Hill Cross, Lydia Cerreta to Arnab Patra, $516,000.

Lot 7 Hillsdale, Molly Katherine Shea and Robert Ellis Davies to Dustin Crowell, $372,000.

1 High Plains Road Unit B, Benjamin E. Ketz and Jing Ketz to Peter Halden Mahlberg, $415,000.

110 New St., Paul J. Grimmer and Lisa A. Grimmer to Franco Medina and Jasmine Alvarez, $375,000.

19 Brunswick Road, Annette Corra to Jerel K. Nembhard and Courtney E. Nembhard, $463,000.

97 Hill St., Judith A. Liacos, Thomas G. Liacos, Sr., Christine Liacos and Thomas G. Liacos, Jr., to Daniela Decamargo Franco, $330,000.

35 Cold Spring Circle, Barbara J. Wills to Scott P. McManamon and Jenna L. McManamon, $440,000.

22 Cold Spring Circle, Karen Fields and Robert Fields to Matthew Johnson and Erin Johnson, $419,900.

21 North Hemlock, Karen A. Preli to Justin Gayle and Cheyenne Colon, $378,500.

10 Boehm Circle, Nicole S. Piccolo and Michael F. Iannucci to Miguel Noel Fernandez and Moreen Anne Fernandez, $456,000.

7 Longview Road, Gregory Dishian to Robert Seccareccia and Elizabeth Seccareccia, $360,000.

Waterview Drive, Pitney Bowes Shelton Realty LLC to Chiave III Limited Partnership, $2,000,000.

12 Princess Terrace, Tracey L. Keller to Kieran Bent and Amber Bent, $525,000.

26 L’Hermitage Condominium, Richard Roberto to Melanie Durant, $420,000.