Three-car accident closes Mohegan Road in Shelton

UPDATE AT 6 P.M.: The occupant of the vehicle on its side has been successfully removed from the vehicle and taken by ambulance to the hospital, according to one person at the scene.

SEPT. 20: Mohegan Road in Shelton is closed between Pennsylvania Avenue and the A&F Mohegan Sunoco gas station for a three-car accident.

As of about 5:20 p.m. on Friday, emergency crews are on the scene. The accident occurred slightly before 5 p.m. Drivers should avoid Mohegan Road in that area as traffic is being diverted.

Multiple firefighters, police and ambulance personnel are at the site. An extrication is taking place to remove an occupant from what appears to be a small SUV that flipped over on its side, coming to a stop on the side of the road. Firefighters are using ladders, metal rods and other equipment in the process.

The other two vehicles also are damaged — they are still in the road — but it appears the damage to them is not as serious as the vehicle that landed on its side.

The extent of any injuries is unknown. Emergency workers at the scene were focused on dealing with the situation and unable to provide details.

Many firefighters are involved

At least a dozen firefighters were participating in the effort to get the occupant out of the vehicle on its side. Some initial reports indicate the person inside is "alert and conscious,” but that has not been confirmed.

Ambulance personnel from both Echo House EMS and the Valley EMS also are on-scene.

Some girls who live nearby said they heard the accident but weren’t sure at the time what had happened. “It was loud,” one of them said. “It sounded like a dump truck, with lots of noise.”

Two flatbed tow trucks have arrived in preparation of removing the vehicles involved in the accident.

Some people, including neighbors, are standing on nearby lawns and watching the emergency crews. Some of the onlookers may also be family members and friends of those involved in the accident.