Truck driving school will open at Shelton site

A new truck driving school has been approved to open at 11 Constitution Boulevard South, where a similar school had operated in the past.

Tom’s Tractor-Trailer Training would fill the space once occupied by Allstate Commercial Driver Training School, just off River Road (Route 110).

The new business is a smaller operation. It would have two trucks at first, while Allstate had up to 17 trucks at the two-acre site. “I’m starting small,” said Tom Sorge of Seymour, owner of the business.

Permission for up to eight trucks

The Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) unanimously approved the new school, granting permission for it to have up to eight trucks in order to allow for future expansion.

“Hopefully within a couple of years, we’ll expand to four or six [trucks],” Sorge said.

Sorge has worked for other truck driving schools in the past and had his commercial driver’s license (CDL) for 30 years. He also has owned a construction company.

He plans to lease the Shelton property to operate the truck driving school there.

Classroom and behind-the-wheel

Tom’s Tractor-Trailer Training would offer training both in a classroom setting and with on-site driving by students in trucks. There is one small building on the property.

Most of the property is a large parking lot, where students can get behind the wheel to learn the skills needed to get their CDLs. Sorge said the layout of the lot is good for its intended purpose.

He said trucks would only run when being used for student maneuvers or having their brakes tested. They would be parked on the property overnight.

Plans to 'clean up' the propery

Sorge told the P&Z he hopes “to clean up the place” by painting the building, cutting back brush and removing litter.

The business received permission to be open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays, with some weekend hours as well.

The previous occupant, Allstate Commercial Driver Training School, moved its school to Seymour a few years ago. The Shelton site has been vacant since.