Two Shelton firefighters injured battling chimney fire

SHELTON — Two firefighters suffered minor injuries Tuesday while fighting a chimney fire at a Big Horn Drive home, but no residents were injured.

Deputy Fire Chief Paul Wilson said crews arrived at the home at 10:54 p.m. and observed a fire apparently bursting from the chimney.

Firefighters entered the home, Wilson said, and found no signs the fire had extended throughout the residence. Wilson said firefighters then went to the roof to extinguish the fire.

“As interior crews coordinated efforts with the roof crew, they were able to break up the completely clogged insert (in the chimney) and extinguish the fire,” Wilson said.

The home remains habitable, and none of the occupants was injured, Wilson said. In all, 15 firefighters, under the command of Assistant Chief Mike Plavcan, were involved in dousing the blaze.

City fire officials were urging residents to regularly maintain chimneys to prevent such incidents.

“Creosote buildup in the chimney can be extremely dangerous,” Wilson said. “The residue left behind from a fireplace fire is called creosote and is extremely flammable. It can cause severe damage to the chimney, and if a small chimney fire goes unnoticed, the fire can easily extend to the home causing catastrophic damage.

“Remember to clean your chimneys annually by a certified professional,” Wilson added.