Two Shelton legislators have 100% voting records

State Rep. Jason Perillo and state Sen. Kevin Kelly, whose districts cover Shelton, have both earned 100% attendance records for all roll call votes taken on the floor of the state House of Representatives and Senate during the 2013 regular session.

The Connecticut House and Senate Clerk’s Office recently released the data on members’ votes. Both the legislators are Republicans.

Perillo: Ensuring constituents’ ‘voices are heard’

“The people of the 113th District have always been my top priority, and I am proud to have cast all 424 votes taken in the House in order to ensure their voices are heard in Hartford on all issues,” said Perillo, an assistant Republican leader in the House.

“This year had some especially difficult and controversial issues, which created a session that required investing many more hours than a typical session to be able to be present for all votes,” he said. “It is important to me that the voices of the residents of Shelton that I represent have their voices heard here in Hartford.”

Perillo represents the 113th District, which includes most of Shelton. He lives in Shelton.

Kelly: ‘Challenges and opportunities facing our state’

Kelly said it is “a pleasure to represent the people of Shelton in the General Assembly. This year’s legislative session highlighted many of the challenges and opportunities facing our state, and I worked to improve the quality of life for families, seniors and everyone who calls our state home.

“In order to best represent your voice,” he continued, “I believe that making each and every vote is an important step toward continuing this important work in Hartford.”

Kelly represents the 21st District, which includes all of Shelton as well as all or parts of Monroe, Seymour and Stratford. He lives in Stratford.

Can be challenging to make all votes

Perfect attendance is difficult to achieve, and less than one third of Connecticut state legislators were able to attain it during this year’s session.

Missed votes can be the result of everything from personal illness to the attendance of a funeral. “A perfect voting record — particularly throughout multiple years — is indicative of deliberate dedication and commitment,” according to a press release distributed on behalf of the two legislators representing Shelton.

The next regular session of the state legislature will convene in February 2014.