UPDATE: Firefighters, gas crews searching for gas leak at Avalon Shelton

UPDATE 11:15 P.M.:  As of about 11 p.m. on Tuesday, Shelton firefighters are searching for a gas leak in the Shelton Avalon apartment complex in downtown Shelton.

There is no active fire in the large residential complex on Canal Street. There had been a grease fire in one apartment earlier at Avalon, perhaps just before the reported gas leak, but that fire is not a factor at this time.

Emergency crews have been on scene since slightly before 10 p.m. Personnel from the local natural gas company, Eversource (previously Yankee Gas), also are there looking for the suspected leak.

The Avalon complex has 250 rental units inside one large sprawling structure.


Shelton firefighters head to Canal Street complex


Shelton firefighters are responding to a possible fire at Avalon Shelton, the large apartment complex at 185 Canal St.

According to a Tuesday night posting by Echo Hose Fire, crews from the Echo Hose, Pine Rock Park and White Hills volunteer companies responded to the report of a possible structure fire at slightly before 10 p.m.

Avalon Shelton is a 220-unit residential complex in downtown Shelton, along the Housatonic River.

Shelton firefighters also have been assisting with a major fire at house on Summit Street in Derby that occurred late today. Summit Street is in the northwest part of downtown Derby.