UPDATE: Why is there a flashing traffic light at the Shelton Stop & Shop entrance?

UPDATE Wednesday 8:30 P.M.: The traffic light now has gone back to its standard operating procedure, turning red, green and yellow.
A reader is asking why the traffic light on Bridgeport Avenue at the main entrance to the Shelton Square Shopping Center has been in the yellow-flashing position for a number of days now.

In a Tuesday message, the reader said that an accident took place at the intersection since the traffic signal started flashing. It is a busy light at a heavily-trafficked four-way intersection, leading to both the Stop & Shop and ShopRite supermarkets as well as other stores.

Bridgeport Avenue is a state road so the Connecticut Department of Transportation (DOT) is in charge of traffic signals on the road, and not the city of Shelton.

The DOT has been installing a new traffic light at the southern entrance to Shelton Square, near the Stop & Shop gas station, which has involved some underground wiring work. There is a chance that work related to the new light is a factor in why the other light no longer is operating normally — i.e. red, yellow and green.

The flashing position is certainly only temporary, but per the reader’s concerns, it does seem like an extremely busy intersection for a flashing yellow light — even if only for a few days.