Unattended candle brings firefighter response to Shelton home

An unattended candle in a second floor bedroom led to a fire at a Shelton home on the morning of Saturday, Jan. 25, according to Shelton fire officials.

The accidental fire caused damage to the bedroom as well as smoke damage to other parts of the house, said Fire Marshal James Tortora.

The fire occurred at 945 Constitution Boulevard North, which is a dead-end section of the road off Maple Avenue in the city’s White Hills section.

Three fire companies responded to the blaze at about 10:45 a.m. “There was a quick knockdown, with damage only in the bedroom,” said Nick Verdicchio, Shelton Fire Department spokesman.

No one was hurt in the fire and the family residing in the house has not been displaced, officials said.

Candle was on a dresser

Fire Marshal James Tortora said a burning candle was left unattended on a dresser in the bedroom.

An alarm company contacted the occupants to tell them smoke was being reported in the house by a device, but the occupants were unaware of any problem at that time, Tortora said.

The alarm then was reset and the alarm company soon contacted the occupants again, telling them of the reported smoke, he said.

The occupants checked the upstairs and found the fire, and emergency personnel were contacted for assistance, according to Tortora.

“A quick response by firefighters kept it contained to the bedroom,” Tortora said.

The bedroom sustained damage and there also was smoke damage to other parts of the structure, he said.