Upcoming weather for Shelton: Think the 50s

While it got chilly last night and even had snowed on Monday morning, it’s going to get warmer in Shelton in the coming days.

Unfortunately, there also is a chance of rain on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Perhaps spring has finally arrived and, based on what they say about the new month, “April showers” shouldn’t be unexpected.

Today, Tuesday, should be the pick of the week as far as the sun goes.

According to the National Weather Service, it should be sunny with a high of 51 degrees today. It will cloud up tonight, with a low of 34 degrees.

Clouds and possible rain later in week

Here is the NWS forecast for Shelton for the rest of the week:

Wednesday:  Partly sunny, with possible rain in the afternoon and evening. High near 56 degrees. Overnight low of 36.

Thursday:  Mostly cloudy with a chance of rain. High near 55 degrees. Cloudy at night with a low of 35.

Friday:  Mostly cloudy, with a chance of rain. High near 49 degrees. Rain likely at night, with a low of 38.

Saturday:   Mostly cloudy, with chance of rain. High near 57 degrees. Overnight low of 38.

Sunday:  Mostly sunny, with a high near 54.