Update on alleged SHS threat: 'Everything is fine'

Shelton schools received a threat of gun violence yesterday, allegedly saying an incident would happen today. The schools worked with the Shelton Police Department, and after checking into the alleged threat, it was as “not credible.” Reports said the threat came from rumors spread on social media and text messages.

School went on as scheduled Friday, according to Headmaster Dr. Beth Smith, who was out of state on bereavement leave.

“I have been in constant contact with the housemasters,” Smith said in a tweet to her followers. “The building is safe and it is a normal day.”

According to Supt. of Schools Freeman Burr, the investigation included identifying the alleged student involved.

“Subsequent conversations with the student and guardian determined that the allegation is not credible,” he said in a web posting on the school’s site. “SHS administration believes this rumor is being perpetuated due to texting and tweets from students.”

Administration and security will be on alert to secure the facility and ensure student safety.

"This is just a note to let you know that I was at SHS this morning and everything is fine," Burr wrote on the school's website. "The school is operating just like any other day."

Parents react

On the Herald's Facebook page, Shelton High School parent Anne Reid Keane expressed her disappointment with how news was sent out about the incident. She is quoted: "As a parent of a SHS student, I find it utterly ridiculous that an automated message or email was not sent out relative to this 'threat.'

"We get calls for fire drills, bus evacuations, report cards being available online, even calls at 5:00 am for winter sports physicals. But when there's a threat, credible or not, to the safety of our children no information is provided. Just a blurb on the front page of the Shelton Public Schools website. ABSURD!!!"