Volunteer Spotlight — Alan Benson

The following will be a monthly article spotlighting the volunteers who help make the city of Shelton serve its residents.

Name: Alan Benson

Echo Hose Ambulance named Benson the Volunteer of the Year during its annual awards dinner on Jan. 5. Benson was also recognized as the volunteer who responded to the most calls last year. He responded to 185 calls.

Where do you live?


Where do you volunteer?

Echo Hose Ambulance Corps

Why have you chosen to volunteer, and why did you choose this organization to volunteer your time?

I volunteer as an EMT because it’s extremely exciting at times and I’m exploring medical careers. I volunteer at Echo Hose because my dad used to take trips in our ambulances somewhat frequently, so I wanted to give back and see the experience from the first responder’s point of view.


I’m a full-time student at SCSU and I work as a part-time EMT at American Medical Response.

Who is the greatest influence in your life?

My older brother, Adam. He’s been one of the strongest guiding forces I’ve had in my life.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Becoming an EMT at Echo Hose, and the experience that I’ve acquired with the organization over the last year.  

What can you not live without?

My life would not be my life without my family, especially my brothers and sister.