Wednesday: Expect road work on Constitution Blvd. North

Roads in Shelton will be resurfaced over the next week, including sections of Isignglas Road and Constitution Blvd. South on Monday, Feb. 23. Residents should expect road closures and traffic delays due to the work.

The schedule is as follows:

•    Waverly Road, all day Thursday, Sept. 19. The work will be done in two sections: Route 108 to Walnut Tree Hill Road, then Walnut Tree Hill Road to Booth Hill Road.

•    Isinglass and Waverly roads, Friday, Sept. 20. Work will be done in the morning on Isinglass from Route 108 to Waverly Road. In the afternoon, work will be done on Waverly from Walnut Tree Hill to Booth Hill Road.

   Isinglass Road and Constitution Blvd. South, Monday Sept. 23. Work will be done on Isinglass Road in the morning from Route 108 (Nichols Avenue) to Waverly Road, and in the afternoon on Constitution Boulevard South, from Route 110 (River Road) to the new pavement near Ivy Brook Road.

•    Constitution Blvd., Tuesday, Sept. 24. Work will take place on the south side from Route 110 to the new pavement near Ivy Brook Road in the morning. Then in the afternoon, it will take place on the north side from Route 108 to Summerfield Gardens Condos.

Constitution Blvd. North, Wednesday, Sept. 25. The second coat on this section will take place from Route 108 to Summerfield Gardens.

Traffic control

Two police officers with cruisers will be assigned for traffic control, along with flaggers from the highways and bridges department.

The highways and bridges department have installed advance notice signs in the areas of work to alert motorists.

The roads will be accessible to emergency vehicles for calls of service and emergencies.

All school buses will have access to their respective routes for pickup and drop off. The resurfacing process may cause delays in the afternoon drop off.   The resurfacing process consists of a mix that will cover the existing roadway. The mix takes approximately one hour to dry before being driven on.