What streets are close to where man went missing in Shelton?

A 47-year-old male patient at Apple Rehab Shelton Lakes, 5 Lake Road, has been missing since late Tuesday night, when staff saw him run into the woods.

The rehab facility is off Shelton Avenue (Route 108), in the general vicinity of the high school, intermediate school and Police Department headquarters, but on the other side of Shelton Avenue.

Wooded areas nearby

It is an area with a lot of woods, including open space and other undeveloped land. There are several condominium complexes located near Apple Rehab Shelton Lakes.

Some streets near Lake Road and Shelton Avenue include:

— Acorn Hollow

— Cherry Blossom Lane

— Constitution Boulevard North

— Crows Nest Hill

— Greystone

— King’s Highway

— King's Highway Extension

— Meadow Lake Drive

— Meadow Street

— Nells Rock Road

— Pine Needle Drive

— Royal Court

— Spicebush Lane

— Tamarac Ridge Circle

— Turning Leaf Lane