Why users can’t comment

Because SheltonHerald.com is undergoing security changes, the story-commenting feature on our website has been temporarily disabled.

This site, along with other Hersam Acorn Newspapers sites, were subject to “brute force attacks” on our login addresses last week.

Hackers were hammering the login with thousands of hits per minute, trying to gain access to the administration of the website.

That, in turn, slowed the operation of the sites to a crawl, both for users and for staffers trying to post to the sites.

New security measures have been taken, but in getting those fine-tuned, the web technicians need to shut down the ability for users to “log in,” which is needed in order to post comments on stories.

The tech staff hopes to have the ability to comment back in service within a week.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to users.