Wooden fence to be replaced at the Riverwalk in Shelton

The city will replace the wooden barrier fence along the Riverwalk in Veterans Memorial Park.

Some of the wooden posts and rails in the fence are missing, damaged or rotted, which causes aesthetic issues and also could be considered a safety hazard in parts of the walkway near steep drop-offs to the river.

Some specific concerns have been raised about children riding on bicycles near the fence area — and therefore close to the water’s edge.

Last week, the Board of Aldermen unanimously voted to approve spending $15,000 on improvements to the Riverwalk and Veterans Memorial Park. This will include replacing the fence, buying new trash and recycling receptacles, and purchasing shrubs and trees.

The funds will come from bonding.

Time to replace the fencing

Mayor Mark Lauretti said the time has come to replace the wooden fence at the Riverwalk — as well as nearby similar fencing along Canal Street.

Lauretti said the fence has fallen into disrepair. He believes it was installed at least 15 years ago, in the mid-1990s.

“It was supposed to be pressure-treated but it doesn’t appear it was,” he said.

The mayor said new decorative lampposts now are being installed in sections of the Riverwalk as part of other upgrades to the downtown park. Money for the new lighting was approved last year, he said.