York celebrates birthday, years of IN2L Technology

Wesley Village had a visit from Jack York, IN2L’s president and co-founder, on his “60/20 Tour,” as he celebrates two milestones — his 60th birthday and 20 years of the technology he created.

It’s Never Too Late (IN2L) Technology has transformed the relationship seniors have with technology, allowing residents at senior living communities access to hundreds of applications at the touch of their fingertips, according to York, who has been on the road making stops at the communities who use the technology and celebrating with sing-alongs, car ride karaoke sessions, and birthday cake.

“I’ve been through 35 states and have seen about 200 different communities and have been getting people to do cool, fun things,” said York.

He retired from the corporate world after he had a spiritual moment of realization that changed his life. York created this technology in memory of his mother.

“There’s a moon in the logo of our company,” said York, “and what that moon represents is my mother.

“I was 40 years old, and my mom was turning 80,” added York. “My mom took all of the kids and grandkids on a real short cruise in Southern California, and on the last night of the cruise, I was on the top deck with my mom and we were looking at a moon just like that and she said, Everything in her life that she had wanted to come true, had come true.”

York shared that his mother had passed away two days after her 80th birthday. He said he was deeply moved by what his mother said and had a spiritual experience that told him he needed to change his direction with his work.

“About six months before her death, we had been donating computers to a local nursing home never thinking of it as a business, and it hit me spiritually, that this is what I’m supposed to do,” said York, and That’s when It’s Never Too Late Technology was born.

Residents who live at Wesley Heights have the opportunity to use this interactive program every day to listen to music, play trivia games, learn history, watch videos on YouTube, and build their own home page within the technology, thanks to the donation from the Valley Community Foundation. York said this allows residents individualized access to their favorite games, websites, family photos and videos, and it is a great way to keep residents engaged and having fun.

“We’ve had the technology for about a year now,” said Monika Westerdal, director of lifestyle transitions at Wesley Heights. “Our residents love it, we use it daily. We use it for exercise, we have singalongs, and we do creative storytelling, word games, hangman and the bubble burst. Definitely something that our residents look forward to and we’re so glad to have it.”

The Wesley Village Campus is located at 580 Long Hill Avenue in Shelton and includes Crosby Commons Independent/Assisted Living Community, Wesley Heights Independent/Assisted Living Community, Lifestyle Transitions Assisted Living/Memory Support Community, and Bishop Wicke Health and Rehabilitation Center. The campus is owned and operated by UMH, a local, mission-based, nonprofit organization.