ZONING HEARING: A 20-unit condo complex is proposed on 2.2 acres in Shelton

Above is a map that shows the 2.2-acre parcel at Shelton Road and Huntington Street in Shelton where developer John Guedes is proposing to build a 20-unit condo complex to be known as Pond Meadow.

The developer has applied to create a Planned Development District (PDD) for the project, which is at 39 or 49 Shelton Road (both addresses have been used during the application process).

The site is near Exit 11 of Route 8, and close to the Trumbull border as well as to the Stratford town line. Shelton Road is what Bridgeport Avenue is called south of the Huntington Street/Huntington Road intersection.

The property also is close to Lobsterback Road and Tory Lane, as well as Golden Hill Street in Trumbull.

The developer would combine two lots to create the 2.2-acre parcel. The land is now zoned for one-acre homes. An existing home on the property would be torn down to make way for the condo complex.

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The four-building complex would have driveways on both Shelton Road and Huntington Street.

The Shelton Planning and Zoning Commission has scheduled a public hearing on the Pond Meadow proposal for Tuesday, Nov. 18 at 7 p.m. at Shelton City Hall.

At the hearing, the applicant will make a presentation and the public will be allowed to offer comments on the PDD proposal.