Developer moving ahead with commercial nursery on Bridgeport Ave. in Shelton

SHELTON — The developer of a commercial nursery in an empty lot along Bridgeport Avenue recently presented an update for the plan, which has been in the works for a few years.

Developer John Todice has plans to create a commercial nursery at 153 Bridgeport Ave., which abuts the Sunoco station, The Greeks eatery and a U.S. Postal Service operation. A proposed retaining wall along Bridgeport Avenue received Planning and Zoning Commission approval Wednesday while the commission completes its review of additional site plan modifications.

Todice’s plan calls for constructing a block retaining wall along the front of the property. The wall will be positioned a minimum of 10 feet behind the sidewalk and will range from two feet to 14 feet tall. Todice said the wall will be broken up into two wall segments with the upper wall being about four feet. The top of the wall will have safety fencing. 

With the installation of the retaining wall, Todice said there will be some 20 feet of additional space for parking and ultimately reducing the amount of material that needs to be removed. 

The proposed locations for the parking spaces have been moved forward on the property producing a larger parking lot/service area, according to the application. This means the increase in impervious area is 2,999 square feet. 

The application states that there will be large boulders placed along the top of the retaining wall to control parked vehicles as well as a four-foot vinyl-coated chain link fence for safety. The proposed 960-square-foot building will remain unchanged with the location moved slightly. 

The Planning and Zoning Commission originally approved plans for the site in 2020. The business, which is to be named Nancy’s Tree Planting Inc., will also include outside storage of plants and equipment. 

Todice told the commission that the pandemic and product price hikes forced delays in the project, but he says the approval of the wall is the first step in moving forward with the development.