Shelton police dominate city's top salary list; Lauretti 17th

Exterior of Shelton City Hall, in Shelton, Conn. Jan. 11, 2021.

Exterior of Shelton City Hall, in Shelton, Conn. Jan. 11, 2021.

Ned Gerard / Hearst Connecticut Media

SHELTON — The city’s police department once again dominated the city’s top salary list for the past year. 

Eighteen of the top 20 city earners are with the department, with only Mayor Mark Lauretti, at $147,438, and Information Systems Manager Dan Bednarsky, at $143,724, cracking the list at 17 and 20, respectively, according to data from the city’s finance department.

The police figure includes gross pay, private duty, overtime and retroactive payments received when the police union contract was settled in early 2022. The settlement came after the police union had been without a contract for nearly three years.

The police declined to comment.

Lt, Michael McPadden topped the list at $218,899 ($127,836 as gross pay, $74,145 in overtime and an additional $16,916 in private duty pay). 

Twelve more police department members followed before Chief Shawn Sequeira came in at 14 with $157,634 — $146,173 in gross pay and $11,460 from private duty. 

Each of the police personnel on the list earned overtime, with those payments ranging from $74,145 (McPadden) to $6,000.

Listed from 2 to 13 are Officer Selwyn Sebourne ($200,520); Lt. Thomas Lindberg ($191,162.35); Sgt. William Serrano ($189,140); Lt. Brian Yerzak ($186,746); Lt. Matthew Kunkel ($183,789); Detective Richard Bango ($181,818); Sgt. Mark Siglinger ($179,718); Sgt. Myles Dupont ($179,545); Sgt. John Youd ($177,800); Officer Manuel Dominguez ($173,645); Detective Christopher Nugent ($165,753); and Lt. Robert Kozlowsky ($163,249). 

Officer Michael Curran ($154,943) placed 15th, followed by Officer Kevin Corda ($150,960) at 16, Officer Christopher Brosz ($149,573) at 18 and Officer John Kekac ($143,754) at 19.