Attorney creates Alexa skill promoting family chats

A local attorney recently released her first Alexa skill, which is geared toward promoting family communication.

The skill can be used as a conversation starter for families as they seek to interact and maintain meaningful relationships, said Juvenile Defense Attorney Jill Ruane, adding that this new skill contains more than 500 questions in 15 categories, so users have a wide range of topics to choose from.
“I designed questions to range from simple to complex, silly to serious” said Ruane. “I came up with 15 categories for Family Conversations. Some of them, such as the parent category, the family category, the self category, and the relationships category, tend to open the door to serious discussions.”
Due to the wide range of questions and categories, Ruane said that there is something to appeal to all ages. She hopes that the skill will promote meaningful family interactions.
Ruane works in Shelton with Ruane Attorneys and is a mother of four.
“Personally, I have fallen into a rut of asking my kids the same questions each day,” said Ruane when explaining why she created the skill. “Whether you just want a silly question to get [your kids] talking, a question to learn more about them, or a question to make sure they know how to stay safe, Family Conversations can help you out.”
Alexa skills are apps designed to be used with Amazon’s voice control devices. The Family Conversations Alexa skill is free and can be downloaded on Amazon. It is compatible with Amazon Echo and all Alexa devices.
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