Berry Chill reopens after damage to storefront

Berry Chill gets ready for its ‘Smash-Opening’

With a little over a month of summer left, Berry Chill’s frozen yogurt shop located in Huntington shopping center, have reopened its doors for business after suffering damage to the front and inside of their store earlier in the season. Their "Smash Opening" is set to take place Wednesday, Aug. 5 and Thursday, Aug. 6.

On June 25, the family owned yogurt shop suffered a sufficient amount of damage to the front of their business as an elderly woman backed her car through the door right window causing them to close for a little over a month and miss a good portion of the summer which is their busiest season.

“We’re so excited to be back open,” said Beth Tepper. “It’s been a hard road for us being a small business, but we are back thanks to the support of the community.”

Tepper said the family’s business wasn’t even opened a year before the accident forced them to shut down temporarily.

“About 11 months,” said Sivan Tepper who is Beth’s daughter that works part time in the shop. “I was actually in the store when it happened and had whiplash and some minor cuts, but luckily nothing too serious.”

“We were devastated and did a lot of mourning,” said Beth Tepper. “We had just got on our feet and in the swing of things before everything fell apart. In a business like this you lose everything. We serve all natural dairy products so everything had to be thrown away. The only thing we had was us.”

Beth said the family’s main concern was reopening for business at the time and they aren’t exactly sure if the damages will be covered by insurance.

In honor of the re-opening, the family plans to hold a raffle for all customers who purchase frozen yogurt by Thursday. Anyone who makes a purchase will be entered in the raffle and given the chance to win a gift card.

“We don’t have anyone else backing us except for ourselves,” said Beth. “Unfortunately as soon as we began to see a surge of people coming out and realize that we were open for business we had to shut down. This plaza is funny because all of our businesses affect each other so we are all in it together.”

The shop serves over 20 flavors of frozen yogurt and over 60 toppings. They said they aim to cater to their customers desires.

“We take pride in our unique flavors. Because we are not a chain we are able to switch them up as often as we want or as often as our customers want, really,” said Sivan Tepper. “We like to play around with them because we know they enjoy the variety we provide. They love that we hear what they want and actually listen to them.”

Beth said the family has grown increasingly aware of food allergies and really try to accommodate the customers’ individual needs.

“We offer non-dairy sorbets, no sugar added, low fat or non-fat,” said Beth. “We’re very health conscious and have a little something for everybody.”

The business’s motto is “serving happiness in every cup” and Beth said she is a firm believer in that.

The Tepper family strives to provide customers with a very relaxed environment where they can relax and take their time enjoying their dessert, hence the name “Berry Chill.”

They said customers will make their purchase, hangout for hours, and encourage the people of Shelton to support their local business as they hope to continue to serve the city for a long time to come.