Budderfly awarded patent for energy innovations

Shelton-based Budderfly recently received a second patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Budderfly received its first patent last year and has additional patents pending for its solutions that control energy usage in commercial buildings.

Founded in 2007 as an innovative energy management company, Budderfly was recognized by the Connecticut Technology Council as a “Tech Company to Watch” in 2012.

Both patents awarded to Budderfly address different areas of its Computer-Based Energy Management System. The system includes an adapter with a server network interface and device control interface, and by interfacing with these devices the adapter provides control and measurement of energy usage.

No special requirements are needed for installation and the system works with the building’s existing wiring. Light switches, outlets and other devices are fitted with special hardware to measure energy usage by individual device.

The system enables transmission of energy consumption data from each device to the cloud-based software. The hosted software environment collects consumption data as well as provides the intelligent control and reporting infrastructure for Budderfly devices. Businesses can now see exactly where energy is being used — by individual device, employee, department or an entire building.