Cabaret gala to help nonprofit obesity support organization

A Shelton-based medical practice, Ehrlich Bariatrics, will host a fund-raiser to benefit the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) on Friday, June 7 at 7 p.m. at Vazzano's Four Seasons, Stratford.

The “True Love Doesn't Weight” event will raise funds for OAC, a nonprofit organization that focuses on representing individuals affected by obesity.

Dr. Timothy Ehrlich, host of the event and founder of the medical practice, said more than 93 million Americans now are affected by obesity.

"Many of them are children and adolescents,” said Ehrlich, a medical doctor. “Our mission is to raise awareness and sensitivity about this disease and to ensure access to safe and effective treatment options."

Theater troupe and comedian to perform

True Love Doesn't Weight will feature a performance by the Park City Players, a Fairfield County theater troupe, and a food prepared by local chef John Lepper.

Also providing entertainment will be Lisa Lampanelli, a stand-up comedian originally from Trumbull, whose 2012 bariatric surgery initiated a more than 100-pound weight loss.

For tickets and more information on the event, call 203-880-5000.

Doctor points to new research

According to Ehrlich, just-released research indicates that children born to mothers after obesity surgery had genetic differences — seen as improvements in the areas of heart and inflammatory health as well as insulin resistance — than their siblings born prior to the surgery.

The doctor said the study's early findings support his longstanding belief that weight loss surgery “should not be viewed as a cosmetic procedure, but a preventative surgery that will significantly impact the health and wellness of a major segment of our society.”

About Ehrlich Bariatrics

Ehrlich Bariatrics specializes in medical weight loss through surgery and overall wellness counseling.

Dr. Timothy Ehrlich founded the practice in 2010 after five years as director of bariatric surgery at St. Vincent's Medical Center in Bridgeport and a 20-year medical career in Louisiana. He has performed nearly 3,000 procedures in Connecticut.

Ehrlich Bariatrics, located on Corporate Drive in Shelton, offers gastric bypass surgery and adjustable gastric banding surgery. It also provides resources, education and support to patients before, during and after surgery, according to publicity material.