Chromium building still standing, but not for long

More than a month after a “brick breaking ceremony” was held to celebrate the demolition of the old Chromium Process building, it still stands at its Howe Avenue address. According to Shelton’s new President of Shelton Economic Development commission Paul Grimmer, the city ran into some complications during the demolition of the Chromium building, but the building’s  days are numbered.

Grimmer said the date of the demolition project was pushed back because during the deconstruction of the building’s interior a “good amount of unanticipated Chromium substances and lead.”

“That required us to have to step back analyze what it was that we were looking at and determine what was the best way to handle these new details,” said Grimmer. “We are now looking at receiving our demolition permit this week… Right now there’s a lot of contaminated materials that have been bagged up and categorized. We’re waiting for those bags to be removed. After they’re removed that’s the last step we can go ahead and seek the demolition permit.”

Grimmer said he doesn’t foresee any other complications arising and the city is scheduled to pick up the demolition permit by the end of the week.

There isn’t a set date for the demolition to occur, Grimmer said, “We’re talking days now and no longer looking at weeks until demolition.

“Frankly, we anticipated we would find something and given the uncertain nature of the process, the fact that this is all we found is a fairly good sign.”

The city will post updates to the site as the project moves forward. According to Grimmer, the city will send out notices to the residents on Howe and Canal street before demolition occurs.

“We may end up closing a road for an hour and in case people want to watch the process of demolition, we want people to be aware of where the city stands in this process,” said Grimmer.