Five Guys, party venue among businesses opening in Shelton

New businesses, including a small alcohol products promoter, a Five Guys franchise on Bridgeport Avenue and a kid’s birthday party venue, are opening in Shelton.

The businesses received approval from the Planning and Zoning Commission at a Nov. 13 meeting.

Highland Imports, a business that will distribute new alcohol products to local stores to be test-marketed, is opening at 50 Waterview Drive, a property owned by R.D. Scinto Inc.

The business will be occupying 4,000 square feet and have four employees. The office needed approval to have a warehousing component, to be used for storage of a small amount of product. The zone the building is in does not allow large-scale warehousing. Since the business will be using the warehouse area as a secondary or accessory use for storage, it did not violate the zoning regulations.

“If people like the product they can get it from a regular distributor,” Planning and Zoning administrator Richard Schultz said.

Robert Scinto Jr. of R.D. Scinto Inc. said the company brings products to restaurants, bars and stores, giving out samples to build product popularity.

“Once it gains popularity, the big distributor will come in to provide the product, or it might not succeed at all,” Scinto said.

A Five Guys Burger and Fries franchise is opening at 825 Bridgeport Avenue, a property owned by Al DaSilva.

The restaurant will have an outdoor dining area, and commissioners stressed that the area should be cleaned often so garbage doesn’t end up blowing around the parking lot.

DaSilva said he makes sure tenants clean up or pick up loose trash. Bruegger’s Bagels nearby has outdoor dining, and trash has not been a problem, he said.

A business called Here’s the Party is opening at 549 Howe Avenue. Owner Kimberly MacDougall is leasing 1,300 square feet of the 14,000-square-foot building.

The business will operate as a venue for children’s parties.

The commission also gave approval for a acupuncture business at 4 Corporate Drive, a computer systems sales company at 2 Corporate Drive and Lexicon Publications, a real estate investor company, at 6 Armstrong Road.