How many Shelton residents work at Sikorsky? A real lot

With the state Senate debating legislation designed to encourage United Technologies Corp. (UTC) to make investments in facilities and R&D operations in Connecticut, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has released figures on how many Shelton residents work at UTC and how many Shelton businesses supply products to UTC.

(UPDATE: The state Senate approved the legislation late Thursday and it will be signed into law by Malloy.)

UTC is the state’s largest employer with 22,200 workers, including many at the Sikorsky Aircraft plant in Stratford on Route 110, just south of the Shelton border. The Sikorsky plant in Stratford has about 6,900 employees, while a smaller Sikorsky facility in Trumbull has 278 employees.

According to the governor’s office, 808 Shelton residents work for UTC and 60 Shelton companies are suppliers to the company.

It appears Shelton has more UTC employees than any other town near the large Sikorsky plant in Stratford, including Stratford itself.

Number of UTC employees in region

The number of UTC employees in this region, according to the governor’s office, is as follows:

Shelton — 808

Milford — 744

Stratford — 636

Bridgeport — 466

Seymour — 451

Ansonia — 318

Oxford — 303

Trumbull — 257

Derby — 233

Monroe — 201

Passage is expected

The state House of Representatives already has overwhelmingly approved the legislation involving UTC, proposed by Malloy and based on an agreement the governor reached with UTC officials. The state Senate is expected to pass the bill as well.

Shelton’s two state representatives, Larry Miller and Jason Perillo, both supported the bill. State Sen. Kevin Kelly, who also represents Shelton, is expected to do the same. Kelly and Miller live in Stratford, while Perillo is from Shelton.

What is involved

In return for up to $400 million in state tax credits, UTC would spend up to $500 million to upgrade its aerospace research, development and manufacturing facilities in Connecticut during the next five years.

During the same period, the company is expected to spend $4 billion on research and development, and other capital expenses in Connecticut.

The agreement includes a commitment by UTC to keep the Sikorsky headquarters in Connecticut for at least five years. The Sikorsky headquarters now is part of the huge Stratford factory complex.

Impact employment all over state

In addition to Sikorsky, UTC includes Pratt & Whitney and UTC Aerospace Systems.

Malloy said the proposed agreement between the state and UTC would impact 75,000 jobs in Connecticut.

“UTC is the catalyst of this initiative, but the investments called for in this bill go well beyond one company,” Malloy said.

“The agreement will have a direct impact on employment in almost every city and town in Connecticut, not just at the UTC companies, but also in the hundreds of aerospace supply chain companies throughout the state and the region," he said.