Jones Winery gets help to expand its production facility

The Jones Winery has been awarded a $25,000 grant to help expand their wine production facility. The winery is part of the long-time Jones Family Farms in Shelton.

Legislators from Shelton, Sen. Kevin Kelly, and Reps. Jason Perillo and Larry Miller applauded the Department of Agriculture for awarding Jones Family Farms Winery in Shelton a grant through the Agriculture Viability Grants Program.

For 10 years the Jones family has been bottling and selling their own wine, in addition to growing and selling produce throughout its 166-year history. The expansion plan is estimated to cost $203,365 and will enable the winery to significantly increase production.

'Great family business'

“The Jones Family Farms Winery is a perfect example of the growing agri-tourism industry that is making a mark across the state and in Shelton,” said Perillo. “They are a great family business. I congratulate them on this grant and look forward to continued agricultural projects by their family and others throughout Shelton in the years ahead.”

Jones Winery is one of more than 40 organizations, including farms, agricultural non-profits and municipalities, that received state funding last week totaling $880,327 as part of a state-wide effort to grow Connecticut’s agricultural economy.

Steady growth

“I want to thank the state of Connecticut for investing in our farm and winery,” said Jamie Jones, a sixth generation farmer in the Jones family. “This year the winery is 10 years old. We’ve grown steadily since our start and have reached the point that we need to make a greater quantity and variety of wine. We will be using this grant to help us increase our number of tanks and production capability.”

Funding was made available through the Agriculture Department’s Farm Transition Grant and Farm Viability Grant programs, designed to increase farm production, promote Connecticut Grown products and create jobs. The funding, which requires a match from the grantee, will leverage nearly $2.4 million in investments throughout the state.


“The Jones family has provided amazing Connecticut-grown produce to the Shelton community for generations. This farm and winery represent our local history as well as the future of agriculture in Connecticut,” said Kelly.

The Jones farm began in 1848 with Philip James Jones, a Welsh-Irish immigrant. The farm expanded and the vineyard was added in 1999 at the Pumpkinseed Hill location by Jamie Jones. They bottled and sold their first wine in 2004. Visit for more information.

“My congratulations go to the Jones Family Farm,” said Miller. “They are one of the finest examples of a family-owned and operated agricultural business in our area, and I am excited to see the expansion they are enabled to achieve through the use of this grant.”