Latex factory in Shelton getting new signs to reflect company’s new name


Latex International has changed its name to Talalay Global.

The bedding products manufacturer, with a large factory at 510 River Road in Shelton, has received permission by the Shelton Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) to install signs with the company’s new name and logo.

The new name will be shown in lettering on the building, a monument sign on Route 110, and awnings near entrances, Bryan Vasser of Archer Signs told the P&Z on Wednesday night.

The new signage is consistent with the previous signage at the factory site. The new signs were unanimously approved by the P&Z.

Mattresses, pillows and toppers

Latex International, sometimes called Latex Foam Products, makes mattresses and material used inside mattresses, pillows and toppers. Latex International was founded over 35 years ago.

The company manufactures latex foam mattresses as well as rubber latex used by other companies in bedding products.

According to the company’s website, it uses Talalay material (molded pieces of latex foam rubber) in its production process, and is only factory in the United States to do so.

Bankruptcy filing

The company, a large employer, has experienced some financial difficulties in recent years — including a bankruptcy filing in 2014. Like with many large companies, various legal entities have technically been the company’s owners at different times.

There also have been a few recent fires at the sprawling factory complex in Shelton as well as a major fire that destroyed its previous Ansonia factory more than a decade ago.

Large industrial dryers used in the manufacturing process appear to have been the cause of some of the fires.