Local company merges with another firm

A local developer of transportation software products, 3Gtms, is merging with a developer of highly specialized transportation management systems, North Carolina-based Transite Technology.

The new company will retain the 3Gtms name, and it will operate under the direction of 3Gtms CEO Mitch Weseley.

The company, which expects to establish a Shelton office soon, serves mainly mid-sized companies. Weseley previously owned a company in the same industry that was based in Shelton.

“This is exciting news for Transite customers and for the transportation software market as a whole,” Weseley said. “We are doubling the size of the company, almost overnight, to meet the growing demand for our products and to drive improvement and innovation throughout the company.”

What does the company name mean?

The company’s name, 3Gtms, signifies the third generation of transportation management systems. The first generation was primarily used to manage domestic trucking, while the second involved the handling all freight, functions, geographic locations and modes.

The third-generation is designed to satisfy the needs of the small and middle markets that do not need the complex features found in today’s TMS systems.

The future, and products offered

According to a 3Gtms press release, the merger will ensure the 3Gtms management team has “the resources needed to innovate and build upon Transite’s existing software solutions to become the dominant TMS used by mid-market shippers, 3PLs and carriers.”

Currently, 3Gtms offers products such as a brokerage system, standalone rating utility, and LTL tariffs along with the core TMS. More modules will be added over the next few years, according to the release.

About the company

The company, 3Gtms, develops transportation software products used by shippers and third-party logistics companies to buy transportation services; plan and optimize transportation activities; execute transportation plans; and be integral to an organization’s supply chain management framework.

Mitch Weseley has almost 30 years in the transportation management systems industry. He previously founded two companies — Weseley Software Development Corp. and Shelton-based G-Log — that he sold, with one purchaser being Oracle.

Learn more about the company at www.3Gtms.com.