Local dentist now offers sleep disorder therapy

Dr. Phillip DeJesus of Shelton, a dentist.
Dr. Phillip DeJesus of Shelton, a dentist.

Dr. Phillip DeJesus, a Shelton resident with a dentistry practice in Bridgeport, now is offering sleep dysfunction therapy.

Sleep apnea can be a contributing factor in strokes, heart disease, diabetes, dementia and motor vehicle accidents, but only 4% of dentists are qualified to discover and treat it, according to a release from DeJesus’ office.

“I found that so many of the people I treat have sleep disorders and were not having adequate treatment,” said DeJesus, who wanted to offer an alternative way to treat the condition.

He has since received advanced training in sleep medicine through Sleep Group Solutions.

This has revealed to him how prevalent this disorder is, and provided him and his staff the training and tools needed to provide options for treating sleep disorders, according to the release.

“The American Academy of Sleep Medicine says that oral appliance therapy is a viable alternative to [the CPAP machine] in the treatment of mild and moderate sleep apnea,” DeJesus said.