Lockheed Martin announces 150 Sikorsky layoffs

Lockheed Martin announced on Tuesday that 150 Sikorsky Aircraft employees will be laid off, with more than 100 coming from its operations in Connecticut.

Sikorsky spokesman Paul Jackson said the layoffs are from Sikorsky’s rotary and mission systems line of business.

“Although difficult, this action is necessary to ensure we remain competitive in the marketplace, secure future business opportunities, and keep our infrastructure appropriately aligned with customer demands,” Jackson said Tuesday.

Of the 150 employees, 109 work in Connecticut, Jackson said. The main Sikorsky plant, located on Main Street, is where 6,000 of the company’s 8,000 Connecticut employees work.

Lockheed Martin, the parent company or Sikorsky Aircraft, announced plans to lay off about 350 employees in July. Company officials said in July that the 350 employees affected did not work at Sikorsky or in Connecticut, but Lockheed was examining what should happen with Sikorsky operations.