PHOTOS: Shelton company honored by nonprofit for hiring efforts

Vitec Videocom of Shelton was named Competitive Employer of the Year during the Kennedy Center’s 64th awards dinner and annual meeting.

The company has demonstrated how diversity in employment creates a better business, according to a release from the Kennedy Center, the local nonprofit agency that serves people with disabilities and special needs.

Vitec Videocom sees people for who they are — for their talents, strengths, and for ways they can contribute, Kennedy Center officials said.

An individual who is non-ambulatory and has limited use of his limbs had approached Kennedy Employment Services for assistance with employment. This division of the Kennedy Center specializes in matching candidates to employers, and connected him with Vitec Videocom.

The individual began working on a contractual basis at Vitec Videocom in 2012, and then a full-time position was created for him in 2014.

'I see a capable, talented person'

“I do not see this individual as having a disability — I never have. I see a capable, talented person who I am glad to have as my employee,” said Sally Sache, sales support manager of Vitec Videocom.

Jocelyn Maminta, Channel 8 News medical reporter, was the keynote speaker at the awards dinner and annual meeting.

Maminta is co-founder of Caroline’s Room, a safe haven for families coping with the challenges and uncertainties surrounding the birth of a premature baby.

Also during the event, Stephen Smith of Shelton was recognized as the outgoing chairman of the Kennedy Center board of directors. Smith has served on the board for six years.