PHOTOS: Shelton dental office has ‘sweet’ results with candy buy-back program

Something sweet happened recently at the Dental Associates of Connecticut office in Shelton. Youngsters learned that helping others has its own rewards, and adults got to feel like kids again.

It was all part of Dental Associates of Connecticut’s annual Halloween Candy Buy-Back that took place on Nov. 4. Children came ready to exchange their bags, sacks, and pumpkins filled with holiday candy for cash.

“The candy buy-back program is wonderful,” said Valerie Battistelli of Shelton. “Great way to teach random acts of kindness.”

The Dental Associates office in Shelton collected 119 pounds of candy, handing out $2 per pound, or $238 to the children. In all, the four Dental Associates of Connecticut offices handed out $1,736 for 868 pounds of candy collected.

During the 12 years that Dental Associates has been offering the Halloween Candy Buy-Back program, almost 5 tons of candy has been collected.

Where does all that candy go? The sweets, along with dental care packages, are donated to U.S. troops overseas through Operation Gratitude, and to the Give the Kids the World nonprofit organization.