Property transfers in Shelton

The following property transfers are copyrighted material previously published in the Commercial Record, a weekly trade paper. It is reprinted with permission from the publisher, The Warren Group,

504 Asbury Rdg Unit 504, Walter Kosiorowsk to Janice White, $156,000.

305 Beardsley Rd, Amanda Kirik to Donovan and Kimberly Dunn, $470,000.

560 Booth Hill Rd, Doreen Laucella to Drew and Jennifer Mihalick, $250,000.

17 Brownson Dr, Elizabeth Carlson and Roy Anderson to Arthur and Caroline Pole, $380,000.

13 Cribbins Ave, Kimberly and Donovan Dunn to Paula and Mary Judkins, $345,000.

152 E Village Rd, James and Karen Baklik to Christina Corra and Harold Fearnley Jr, $293,000.

281 Eagles Lndg Unit 281, Joshua Kestenbaum to Marie Griz, $360,000.

253 Garden Ter Unit 253, Roscoe Doris Est and Thomas Welch to Robert Giovanni, $290,000.

52 Katherine Ct Unit 52, Meredith Petruzzelli to Barbara Gaydos, $252,000.

126 Kyles Way Unit 126, Hemalada Purushothaman to Galina Kramarenko and Eric Fisher, $392,000.

489 Long Hill Ave, Jing and Yi Ren to William Griffin, $150,000.

45 Magnolia Cir Unit 45, Louis Zazzarino to Thomas and Lauren Carey, $372,000.

88 Maple Ave, Baklik FT and Christopher Baklik to Gloria and Veranzio Pelaccia, $300,000.

5 Meadowlark Dr, Elizabeth Malay to Aneta Czarnowski and Justin Rompre, $340,000.

28 Old Town Rd, William Nolan to Paul and Susan Clark, $226,228.

38 Sconset Cir Unit 38, Sean and Heather Driscoll to Attilio and Lucy Pasqua, $465,000.

106 Thompson St, Attilio and Lucy Pasqua to Ryan and Bethany Sherman, $460,000.