Providing plastics for the Modern world

A Shelton company supplies plastic products for everything from Disney World displays to human medical implants, and oil rigs to aircraft parts.

Modern Plastics moved to Shelton in 2010 after more than 60 years in Bridgeport, and now is on Long Hill Cross Road.

Bing Carbone, Modern Plastics president and a Huntington resident, said the company sells engineering-grade plastic in sheet, rod, tube and film form and also produces many custom-made plastic items.

The medical-grade plastics division was started a decade ago and sells materials for medical devices, instrumentation and human implants.

“With surgeries such as knee replacements, hip replacements, dental implants and spinal surgeries, it’s likely that one of our medical-grade plastics is being used as part of the implant device in the body,” Carbone said.

Modern is one of only a few companies in North America that makes plastic products for medical implants. Carbone said the medical division serves an expanding industry that is largely recession proof.

The facility

The company operates out of a 23,000-square-foot facility in a building owned by Robert Scinto. Carbone thanked Scinto for his role in setting up the location.

There are offices, a warehouse/manufacturing area and retail operation. The company has 16 employees.

Carbone praised Shelton as “a diverse and wonderful community” with excellent restaurants, stores, hotels, open space and highway access.

Modern Plastics can work directly with customers through its retail store, fabricating items such as replacement table tops and boat windshields.

The plastic used by Modern is not made in Shelton, but supplied by U.S. manufacturers. The company will cut, fabricate, bond and polish the plastic into whatever a customer wants — in small or large quantities.

“We sell to everyone from NASA to the consumer down the street who needs a cut piece of Plexiglas for his window,” Carbone said.

Disney items

As for Disney World, Modern Plastics can produce large Plexiglas display and literature cases for hotel lobbies, signage, monorail windshields, and bearings for rides.

It provides infection control units (large plastic cases used to store supplies in every room) to hospitals, and bullet-resistant windows to detention centers, schools and stores.

Modern Plastics was started in 1945 as a glass company by Bing’s grandfather, Joseph C. Carbone. It has been part of a larger business, Florida-based Laird Plastics, since 2006.

Carbone sees a bright future for plastics as they continue to replace metals and other materials in various uses because, he said, plastics are lighter, stronger, more durable and less expensive.